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wow .. I'm exhausted .. only from you learned that right now weekend in the yard)). this is because I appoint myself when to work and when to be lazy... just like your hero Colin Obrady.. he made a rich life for himself .. interesting.. that's just such an emotional fullness is akin to drug addiction.. and the usual narrow-minded existence, for it will seem fresh.. uninteresting...what however vivid passionary this Colleen. in the same Antarctica our polar explorers often found far from the shore the corpses of local animals-penguins and sea lions.. and it was individuals in the Prime of life. not old men who went to die... what prompted them to such a hike in the unknown? I think these penguins are the same heroes as Colleen-subconsciously attracted by the powerful instinct of expanding its habitat.. for members of their species. just as the conquistadors or our pioneers went to unknown lands of America or Siberia ..and died there by the thousands.. but some still found these most favorable conditions for their existence. propagated and strengthened in a new place.. and here you look some distant descendant or descendant)) of that reckless hero under a warm blanket lives and rejoices)). so the hero is not in vain started his adventure. That's just in our undiscovered habitable land is gone and all those penguins heroes travelers die in a hundred kilometers from the shore in the icy Antarctic desert and not finding a new shore with delicious fish and fat females. and people heroes only and remains to surf the icy expanses to meet the adrenaline addiction. it seems to me that humanity can still expand — through outer space .. to new worlds planets. of which millions are livable.. it is only necessary to strain the brains and bodies and create the same vehicle for space.. in this sense, in humans, unlike the penguin has a perspective.. though very small.. and through hundreds of years another Colleen Oh, Brian gets the same to the new world in a hundred light years from Earth .. and his great-granddaughter under a warm blanket on the shore of the warm sea will look at the starry sky and enjoy life...

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